Short Plush Neck Pillow Filling with Memory Foam Could Be Folded and Receive Space

Product Details

memory foam neck pillow

Material: 200gsm 100%polyester short plush

Size:27x32cm;10.63x12.60 inch

Pattern: neck pillow filling with memory foam,could be folded and great for receive space


Feature & advantage:Made of high quality memory foam which molds perfectly to your neck,Zippered, machine-washable plush velour cover

This memory foam neck pillow are different from classic memory foam neck pillow,because it is a reducible neck pillow. you can look at our pictures,the neck pillow could folded in small bag,and the bag are part of the neck pillow. that makes the memory foam neck pillow are easy to bring when travel. and the great quality memory foam make it happened and comfort.

velour for neck pillow always a good choice for memory foam neck pillow and it is has experience marketing choosen.