Sequins Cushion Cover

Sequins Cushion Cover
Product Details

Decorative Sequins Solid Color Cushion Cover

Products Description

Mterial:polyester sequins fabric


Feature: small sequins around the cushion,two sides sequins

Color: many color available


Sequins Cushion Cover

  • Material: glitter sparking fabric for cushion cover treated to be supple and long lasting. Its anti-static properties will prevent those nasty static shocks. Visually stunning.

  • Functionality and Aesthetics: These sparking sequins covers will add that special pizzazz to any room. Designed to be reflective to bring out the sparkle and shine on your couch, loveseat or bed. Perfect for your home, office, bar and during those special holidays and family gatherings.

  • Washing Guide: Turn it inside out and wash it by hand. Swish it through warm soapy water, rinse and press between towels to remove excess water. Then lay flat to dry.