Canvas cleaning method

1, the usual washing hand wash, machine wash, use alkaline detergents;

2, washing temperature depending on the color of cotton, and usually the best temperature for 40~50℃, brightly coloured or dark product temperature must not be too high, excessive aprons can become wrinkled, washing time should not be too long, so as not to fade. White coloured cotton cloth can be boiled to wash. Cotton products with perspiration not washing, so as not to stain proteins in coagulation and glue on a fiber, which have yellow spots;

3, if the paint stains on the canvas, first with kerosene or turpentine to clean stain so far;

4, a cool, ventilated place to dry canvas, not in the Sun;

5, when ironing canvas, you can spray wet, that is easier to iron.

In General, sometimes seems a very small thing, in fact its cleaning fluid is very particular about the Oh! canvas is such an example, only we do the cleaning method to prolong their service life.