Coaster production process is simple, and personality

Coaster production process is simple, and personality

1, make a paper mat, cut according to the requirement of direct selection material is OK.

2, making plastic coasters, same is selecting the material can also be cut.

3, metal coasters specific aesthetic requirements, if there is not much requirement, you can buy some cheap and easy to handle aluminum can cut their own.

4, wooden coasters are also relatively simple, who knows a little sawing technology can do.

5, pressed flower coasters with glue pressed flower craft is beautiful. Pressed flower key ring, chain necklace, etc are all unique and exquisite, like amber, crystal clear, brightly-coloured flowers in full bloom. Actually to made such of crafts is not hard, first to put bet good of flowers placed in fixed of location, again put a,, and b rubber to 1:3 of proportion deployment uniform (out transparent of color only for uniform), then put it drops in custody put good of flowers Shang,, it natural variable dry Hou, that on has success to will beautiful fixed has, whole crafts more is fine have let you see not out half Manual of traces. Most amazing is the pressed flower not only can hold flowers and prototype, through the wonderful ideas, clip art and flowers can also properly tiling into a different pattern. Morning glory can be clipped into the little girl flying skirt, cut the leaves into a sparkling grape, soft Willow Snapdragon ... ... Is the best you can with your own preferences, free to group them into different pieces of the surface, and then hang them inside the frame, it becomes a unique work of art.