Durable green pollution-free things

Handkerchief-the sweat, tears, and modesty. Durable green pollution-free thing. And it can be recycled.

Silk decorated hats; his wife, Miss without a handkerchief sprinkled with perfume, will in no way go to social networking sites. The popularity of handkerchiefs, causing prices to skyrocket, in the face of costly handkerchiefs, more and more people in awe, unable to purchase. In this time, the handkerchief with the nose is irrelevant.

Handkerchiefs, all square thin fabric made of cotton yarn dyed, with soft smooth moisture absorption characteristics, without obvious deformation after washing. Printed handkerchiefs and dyed handkerchief categories. Printed handkerchiefs with color after the cloth is made of cotton fabric, and is formed by drifting practice hot printing, cutting, sewing. Pictorial geometry, flowers, animals, landscapes, figures, and so on. Yarn-dyed handkerchiefs were woven dyed yarn billet, bleach hot, sorting, cutting, sewing and practice. Mostly based on the plain weave, with satin and Jacquard, woven satin (grid), jacquard, embroidered, embossed imitation, Leno and other varieties. Were divided into men's, braid and female PA Tong Pa, whose specifications and colours are different. There will be hand-painting, embroidery, printing, embroidery with cut flowers applied handkerchiefs to improve their arts and crafts.