Square method to use

1, the conventional type along the diagonal fold into a triangle, and then forward the hypotenuse, right angle towards the back, where two corners tied around the neck, which is the most common Ligature method.

2, hooded towel folded into triangles or oblong flat in its nose above, back, nose, mouth and face were covered, only have eyes sticking out so that you can hangxiazhangyi.

3, before the hoop from the forehead to the back head wrap, lies above the ears, behind the square edges of fat back into it, so they form a little hat made, which belongs to Koenigsegg.

4, bib-type towel bundle into a straight line in its entirety, in the neck, you can tie a button before or not to button directly inside the flat on the coat, so you can keep warm, if you are an advanced Pocket square it can reflect the noble temperament and taste.