Use gloves should pay attention to matters

Glove sizes to fit, if the glove was too tight, limiting the flow of blood, likely to cause fatigue and discomfort if too loose, use flexible, but easy to fall off.

Selection of gloves with sufficient protective effect, the selection of wire cut-resistant gloves for the environment, you cannot use synthetic yarn cut-resistant gloves. In order to guarantee their protection, it is necessary to change gloves regularly. If, over time, it is possible to make the hands or skin damage.

Examination gloves at any time, check for holes or breakage, abrasion of the place, especially the fingers. For chemical protective gloves can be checked using air filling method.

Note glove to use, if you use a pair of gloves in different places, you can greatly reduce the life of the glove.

Use safely, do not put your contaminated glove any throw to avoid causing harm to others. Unused gloves should be put in a safe place.

Removal of the gloves must pay attention to the correct way, preventing gloves contaminated with harmful substances come into contact with the skin and clothing, causing secondary pollution.

Best not to share with others the gloves because gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms, sharing gloves likely to cause cross-infection.

To wash hands before wearing gloves, to wear clean gloves (sterile) on hand or can easily be contaminated. After you take off your gloves to wash hands, and rub some hand cream with added oils and fats.

In front of the gloves to cover the wound, skin is a natural barrier against environmental damage, prevents bacteria and chemicals from entering.

Do not ignore any skin erythema or fare, and prevent the occurrence of dermatitis and other skin diseases. If your hands dry, itchy, bubbling, promptly consult your doctor.

Shaking hands or dancing with someone else when you want to take off the gloves.

Glove length selection principle is: the shorter sleeves of clothes, select the length of the glove should be longer. If you wear a short-sleeved, sleeveless or strapless dresses should wear long gloves.

White gloves and white gloves of the same color, such as ivory, beige, Taupe, is classic in gloves, wearing gloves can be of suitable occasions.

Do not use black gloves with white or light colored clothing, but can be used with black clothes, dark or blue. In addition to white and black, other color gloves also coordination you wear clothes colors series.