Water, non-stick oil in non-stick, easy to clean

Silicone gloves, also called silica gel insulating gloves, silicone oven mitts, silicone hot heat-proof gloves. Harmless to the human body, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance to steam, boil and steam, green and healthy environment.

Silicone gloves product features: 1, resistant to high temperatures, up to a maximum of 250 ℃. 2, product material is soft and comfortable to the touch. 3, water, non-stick oil in non-stick, easy to clean. 4, for the high or low temperature operation, such as microwave ovens or refrigerators are no problem, easy for freezing and high temperature environments. 5, variety of color specification, fashionable and stylish. 6, the material used to 100% food-grade silicone materials. 7, toughness, and easily torn, can be reused multiple times.