Apron Making And Cleaning Methods

              What is an apron? The apron is the cooking, used to block some unclean things to make clothes dirty one Tibetan called "Help list." The majority of Tibetan women are very fond of daily necessities, but also the symbol of Tibetan women. Festive festival, women waist Apron, dance, such as flowers, colorful, colorful, colorful. Aprons are mainly produced in Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan and other places, especially in Gonga County elder sister Xiu District production apron is most famous. Sister Tak Xiu District to have "Apron Township" laudatory name.Apron

              1, peacetime washing proceed wash, can machine wash, the use of alkaline detergent; 2, washing temperature depending on the color of cotton cloth, usually the best water temperature for 40~50℃, gorgeous color or dark products water temperature is not too high, too high apron easily wrinkle, wash time should not be too long, lest fade. White cotton without perspiration can be boiled. Cotton products with perspiration are not easy to wash, so that the protein in the perspiration in the coagulation and adhesion to the fiber, resulting in yellow spots; 3, waterproof apron if stained with paint stains, you need to first use kerosene or turpentine to wipe the stain, 4, ventilated cool place drying waterproof apron, can not be exposed to the sun; 5, in the ironing apron, can be appropriate to spray wet, it is easier to iron flat. 5. In short, sometimes we seem to be a very small thing, in fact, its cleaning fluid is very exquisite oh! Waterproof apron is such an example, only if we do such a cleaning method, can prolong its service life.Apron

              1. Materials: A pieces of discarded shirts. Required parts: Back, collar, left and right buckle part, pocket, Button 2. Production steps: 1. Cut the back. 2. Cut the collar. The left and right part of the buckle should also be cut. 3. Iron and trim the collar. Turn over and iron and let the old face in. 4. The other scissors are also ironed. 5. Fold the back in half, then draw the line on one side. Then cut off the excess part of the 1CM around this line. (in the folding state of a champagne cut) 6. The appearance of the expansion after the cut. 7. Sew the edges of the freshly cut places. 8. Cut the two buckle parts into the same width and sew the edges. 9. The corner of the collar without the buttonhole and the 6 in the back right angle nailed together, nail sewing time with buttons together nails. 10. Sew the button directly on the left. 11. The left side of the collar using the original buttonhole, the 10-pin button button to buckle up.

12. The 7 of the 2 bands are sewn in the left and right sides of the body. 13. Sew up pocket. 14. Finally do some of their favorite decorations on the OK ~Apron