Our Company working on to be the most professioanl apron factory in China. Our main Purpose is to provide the greatest textile decoration items for all of the home lovers.

All the apron could generalize in six kinds of apron patterns.

Kitchen apron

 The reason for why us make this pattern in a separate categories is that kitchen apron is the most normal use for most of us,and with a long history. Most of the aprons we put in kitchen apron are the one with simple style and fashion factor,our company update the pattern regular to offer new apron to match your kitchen.

Promotion apron

Since apron is a great gift for all the working person,most of the company will choose add the logo on apron. we have several method to make your brand striking. printing apron is the most offen one for our client,it is economic and converient.

If you would like your logo high quality,the embroidery apron would be the great choice. if you are only want to make your own brand apron,you could also add a tag on apron .

Working apron

This pattern of apron really popular in most of our client. it useful for restaurant,hotel,shop,supermarket,for special occation. it could be a uniform for most of them. believe us,it is a great choice to display your company's civilization.

BBQ apron

It always have many different pocket for tool. there are also picnic apron,garden apron. all these aprona are for special use,we could add or reduce the pocket for special tools,also customize the pocket size,the apron size,the thickness,all of the factor are available.

⑤Stylish apron

Actually,all the stylish apron could be other patterns. we make this pattern separately to make our client aware of the stylish apron directly.we update new designs regularly and welcome to customize

⑥Kids Apron

The most popular kids apron is kids painting apron . we also do customize painting kids apron,we do DISNEY kids apron for our client. welcome to customize kids gift apron .

It is only a brief instruction for the pattern of our apron. if you would like to know our company,please visit our web www.textiledecoration.com and contact us at cynthiazhong@baywon.cn .