Black Apron Secret

Chian Coffee starbucks brand opened much branch in the world,has cultivate a group of diehard fans drink every day.but the apron color on the clerk,actually has unknown secret . if consumers have the honor to be served by the black apron “profeesional master of coffee”,that means super honor and value.

There are three colors of the shop's apron, which are green, black and brown.Most of the people were impressed by the "green aprons" worn by the starbucks staff, with the mermaid LOGO on it, representing the company's unified education training, to serve the guests alone.

Only a handful of starbucks employees have the chance to wear "black aprons" to become "coffee masters", a status symbol that represents the highest level of encouragement and honor.Officials will be held "specialty coffee ambassador selection"once a year ", the shop assistant must not only have knowledge of coffee, at the same time, creative and friendly service, modulation three traits of coffee accurately by customers click , exam content written and oral, it is very difficult  to stand out from many competitors.