Black Apron Secret 2

After a series of tests to become the "coffee master", there is no salary increase, but it is a great honor and a rich affirmation of coffee knowledge.If the outlets have the opportunity to meet with them, the master can clearly introduce "what kind of coffee is the most suitable with focal sugar snacks", "what kind of coffee with exotic spice", if you are interested in the nursing methods of coffee, they can also demonstrate coffee making way.

In addition to the above two color aprons, starbucks also has a more unusual "brown apron," known as Coffee Ambassador.Think more of the upper floor is not easy, stand out from the black skirt face harsh than draft will many trials, they represent the global starbucks team, also have a chance to visit all over the world coffee origin, understanding the process of coffee farmers grow coffee and the spread of each coffee beans is a hard-won mission.