Classification Of Apron And Cleaning Methods

     The apron of the market is divided into six categories: Non-woven apron, Non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric, it directly using high polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through a variety of fiber-forming methods and consolidation technology to form a soft, breathable and planar structure of new fiber products. More economic, strong, environmental protection. Cotton apron, generally relatively soft, sensitive, easy to clean, not easy to pilling, especially health. Satin apron, generally used waterproof satin manufacturing, the apron is suitable for kitchen operations, cleaning, and its sticky dirt is easy to clear, easy to use, a variety of oil cleaning convenience.Apron
    RPET Peach Skin Velvet apron, recycled pet fabric, is a new type of environmentally-friendly recycled fabrics, the yarn is extracted from the discarded mineral water bottles and cola bottles made of, also commonly known as Coke bottle Environmental protection cloth (RPET fabric). Recycle pet fabric recycled recycled green fiber raw materials using cola bottles, recycled coke bottles into pieces, after processing from the ladder, can be recycled and effectively reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, than the conventional process of production of polyester fiber to save nearly 80% of the energy.Apron
    Rubber Apron is also called work apron, chemical apron, insulated apron, applicable to electronics, biomedical, chemical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, etc., there is a single plastic, a variety of specifications, to pure natural rubber, cotton cloth for the base material, as acid-base operation of the abdomen protection supplies search. Canvas apron is abrasion resistant and dirty, also waterproof.Apron
    Peacetime washing proceed washing, can also machine wash, use alkaline detergent; washing temperature depends on the color of cotton, usually the best water temperature is 40~50℃, gorgeous color or dark products water temperature is not too high, too high apron easily wrinkle, wash time should not be too long, lest fade. White cotton without perspiration can be boiled. Cotton products with perspiration are not easy to be washed by high temperature, in order to avoid perspiration in the protein coagulation and adhesion to the fiber, resulting in yellow spots, waterproof apron if stained with paint stains, you need to first use kerosene or turpentine to wipe until the stain; ventilated in a cool place to dry waterproof apron, not under the sun exposure.Apron
    When ironing the waterproof apron, the appropriate amount can be sprayed wet, so it is easier to burn flat. In short, sometimes we seem to be a very small thing, in fact, its cleaning fluid is very exquisite oh! Waterproof apron is such an example, only if we do such a cleaning method, can prolong its service life.Apron