Coaster Classified By Material

1, paper coasters are often due to their fragile nature, cannot be washed, usually a one-time;

2, wooden coasters wooden coasters utility is quite strong and more durable, but the color variety with very simple;

3, plastic coasters made of PVC plastics plastic coasters, shape variety, such as cartoon characters, brand design, simulation models, and so on, plus company, company LOGO more prominent, not only has practical, but can have very good visuals and advertising effectiveness. In addition, using PP material-made coaster, there are combinations of PP and EVA bottom on the top coasters are well in foreign countries.

4, metal coasters mainly Tin, the same lightweight, durable.

5, blooming flowers pressed flower coaster to retrieve the nature, collated, processed, the use of special tools for dehydration, to keep the original color, through the author's conception, design, pasted into a new shape, give it a new life.

6, silicone coaster using food-grade silicone harmless to safe, useful "multi-color molding technology" can do more and richer colors. Is now one of the most popular promotional gifts.