Cushion Introduction, Classification, Health Effects

    The cushion is comfortable and has a decorative shape for square, round and oval. Material Cotton, velvet, brocade, nylon or linen The most comfortable material is the memory cotton material. Cushion distinction between automotive, home and office business three categories, the rapid development. Detailed description, jade cushion with improved microcirculation system function, improve and alleviate the body autumn and winter chills, cold hands and feet, joint swelling and pain, limb paralysis and other symptoms. Jade cushion far-infrared effect for rheumatoid arthritis, bone hyperplasia pads, cervical spondylosis, low back pain, etc. also have a good improvement effect. Jade cushion heating heat after the heat can be well spread to the depths of the body, so that vascular smooth muscle relaxation, blood vessels to expand, accelerate blood circulation, enhance cell metabolism, promote the metabolism of toxic substances and harmful waste discharge, so that the body feel Comfortable and warm and completely relaxed; jade cushion on the hemorrhoids, male prostatitis, female gynecological inflammation, eczema, buttocks pain have some relief and improvement.Cushion

    The role of trace elements: jade can effectively provide inorganic elements of nutrients. Jade with the human body contact, the human body can fully absorb or supplement the required trace elements and minerals, resulting in a special "photoelectric effect" focus energy storage, the formation of electromagnetic fields, and resonance with the human body so that the body of a variety of physiological activities more Normal proceeding. Wonderful physical effects: jade can show the daytime light absorption, the evening shine the wonderful physical phenomenon. Cushion

    If the light spot on a part of the human body, it would like acupuncture-like stimulation of the meridians, dredge organs, play a significant role in health care. Adjust the role of the meridian: jade and human contact can produce piezoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, far infrared effect, can promote the human body meridian circulation system to restore balance flow. The skin has a better biological effect, while promoting the absorption of other nutrients in cosmetics. Anti-inflammatory detoxification function: jade has a strong anti-inflammatory detoxification function, it can quickly remove the surface of the skin residual lead, mercury, chromium and other harmful heavy metals, remove toxins cells, restore skin clean and sterile state. At the same time an effective decomposition to eliminate melanoma cells, enhance skin tension, stretch fine wrinkles, restore skin health qualities. Warm effect: jade special molecular structure, so that it is heated to 33 ℃ above the far-infrared electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body with electromagnetic waves can produce resonance absorption phenomenon, this biological phenomenon on the human body to improve microcirculation, stimulate regeneration, enzyme activity Improve, restore the physiological function, enhance cell phagocytosis and antibody production, improve the role of human immunity.Cushion