Introduction Of Car Cushion

     The shape of the cushion is designed according to the matching chair, which is square, round and oval. can also be made into animals, characters, fruit and other interesting image, style can also refer to the bedroom bedspread style or sofa style production, can also be independent. Because of its small size, production, to pay attention to its exquisite and ingenious. The upholstery fabric of the cushion is widely used, such as cotton, flannel, brocade, nylon or linen. Also can choose plain cloth, from other fabrics cut their favorite patterns or interesting image of the pattern sewn on it, their own hands-on, enjoyable, both economic, decorative and very strong. The inner core can be filled with sponge, pp Cotton, foamed plastics, cotton or rags.Car Cushion
    The color of the cushion can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. In the indoor total tonal comparison concise single, the cushion may use the high purity some bright color, through the cushion form bright color block to be active the atmosphere. such as the bedroom in a more vivid hue, you can consider the use of a simple gray series of color cushion, to mediate the interior tones. Can also be based on interior decoration design style to choose the relative printed cushion. According to color, flower type to distinguish, improve the coordination of interior decoration.Car Cushion
    Generally speaking, the summer words, ice silk car cushion buy more people will be more, because its permeability is better! Of course, linen, leather, bamboo charcoal of these, can be universal Four seasons! and the wool car cushion, then can only use in the winter! In different models, the number of airbags is different, there are usually front-row double airbags and front seat side airbags (advanced models will be available). If the car seat is installed, the most likely to affect the front seat of the side airbags. Because, Side airbag is set in the seat of the interior, if it is installed car cushion, in the event of an accident, the car cushion will affect the release of the side airbag, even make the airbag can not be opened, very dangerous.Car Cushion
    Since the car seat cushion will affect the side airbags, is it not possible to install the car cushion? The answer, of course, can be installed. Whether the car cushion will affect the side airbags, this is related to the sewing process of the car cushion and the airbag ejection position handling! Semi-pack car cushion easy to install, also easy to wash and wash. If it is half a package of car cushion, as long as the elastic cloth does not wrap the airbag tear line, generally will not affect the release of the side airbag.Car Cushion