Kinds Of Fabric

1, pure cotton: 100% cotton, hygroscopicity good, soft, health comfortable, dyeing performance is good, soft luster, natural beauty, wrinkle resistance is poor, shrinkage, suitable for use in a production of high-grade apron,elegant table cover,great table runner,.    

2. TC: the amount of cotton is only 35% , with many varieties, soft and easy to take care of.Overalls tablecloth, waiter apron, waitress apron, sofa cushion,restaurant apron.

3. CVC: the composition of cotton is more than 50%, the fabric line is thicker, has texture and comfortable.

4. Suro: high strength, good anti-wear, suitable for fashion apron,fashion cushion,.   

5. Flower yao: this fabric feels soft and has a good vertical effect, mainly for hotel table cloth,.