Kinds Of Fabric Characteristics Used In Hotel Aprons

 kinds of fabric characteristics used in hotel aprons

1, chemical fiber fabric: 100% polyester, bright colors, a variety of color, texture soft, drape crisp, smooth and comfortable, strong durability, easy do, wrinkle resistance, not the ball, easy to machine wash ,not deformation.Suitable for customized chair cover, table runner, table cloth, dinner cloth, curtain, waiter aprons, uniforms, waiter bar clothing, technician suits, uniforms, caps, aprons, sleeves, Velcro suits, overalls, uniforms, clothing, tooling,

2, five satin material: 100% polyester, fabric drapability is good, soft and smooth, feel is plump, brightness moderate, especially suitable for promotion apron, Chinese restaurant and western restaurant apron, the bartender apron, uniforms, table overalls, apron uniforms, staff apron, etc.

3, the brocade fabric: 100% pure silk, bright colors, pattern is more, mostly made of high-grade clothing, hotel fault silk, not easy to handle, the price is high, commonly used on garment ingredients hotel, suitable for the Chinese dress, Chinese table overalls, western-style clothing, Chinese cheongsam, short qipao, workers uniform, the Chinese dress, the service employees.