Material For Apron

Six material for apron,Rubber apron,Non-woven apron,PRET polyester apron,Cotton apron,Silks and Satin apron. the best advantage for the material apron.

1,Rubber Apron

Made in Rubber called industry apron,Heat Insulation apron,chemical proof apron, used in electrail industry,Biomedical industry.Chemical industry,Printing and dyeing,electroplating. It has single rubber,double rubber,more rubber,etc ,several patterns. most of them take natural rubber and cotton fabric as original materil,as abdominal protection for acid and alkali work.

2,Non-woven apron

Non-woven has soft and breathable ,unstable feature. the non-wowen apron is economic,environment friendly.

3,PRET polyester peach skin apron

Reuse PET fabric is a new kinds of enviornment material,the yarn of the fabric is extract from the abandoned beverage plastic bottle,so it also called beverage bottle environment fabric. the aprons always feels smoothly,soft,and thin.

4, cotton apron

Cotton apron is the most offen use always soft,easy cleaning,high quality,elegant.

5,Silks and satins apron

it always made in waterproof silks and satins,this apron great for kitchen ,house cleaning,and it is easy cleasing,conveniently.

6,canvas apron

waterproof and wear-resisting

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