Method Of Making Aprons

1. material: an old shirt.

Need parts: front, collar, part of the left and right buttons, pockets, button 2.

Production steps: 1. cut out the back.

2. cut out the collar. Part of the left and right buttons to cut out.

3. iron trim collar. Turned iron, in with the old side.

4. other trim are ironed.

5. fold back, and then draw the line. Along this line after 1CM cut off the excess parts. (A bin cut in a collapsed state)

6. cut out of the way.

7. the volume just cut the seam well.

8. button-two partly cut into wide strips and sewed the edges.

9. no buttonholes on the collar corner and 6 are ready to back right corner studs together, screw joints with nails along with buttons on it.

10. direct buttons sewn on the back on the left side who.

11. the collar of the buttonhole on the left, buttons buttoned on 10 nails.

12.2 7 strips sewn on the left and right sides of the body, respectively.

13. sew on pockets.