PVC Soft Glass Restaurant Table Cloth

                PVC Soft glass tablecloth compared to other materials, although there are many advantages. But it is because PVC soft glass tablecloth is a kind of plastic material made, so everyone will worry about PVC soft glass tablecloth in the end there is no poison. There are traces of monomer vinyl chloride molecule in PVC soft glass tablecloth material, and it contains a small amount of plasticizer. These PVC soft glass tablecloth contains material on the human impact is very small, toxic and decoration materials, such as negligible, as long as the PVC soft glass tablecloth does not touch the high temperature, PVC soft glass tablecloth will not cause any harm to the human body.Restaurant Table Cloth

               PVC Soft Glass Tablecloth Advantages: A lot of friends will want to buy soft glass tablecloths, but ' soft glass tablecloth is good ' has been a problem that puzzles everyone. So in the end the soft glass tablecloth, we now come to understand the advantages of soft glass tablecloth! We know that ordinary tablecloths are mostly textiles, and these textile tablecloths are often not capable of high temperature and stress-resistant, and inconvenient to do and clean. But soft glass tablecloths can not only withstand high temperature and high pressure, but also anti-static and long service life characteristics. Is the soft glass tablecloth good for the dining room tablecloth choice? Soft glass tablecloth Of course good, because it is not only beautiful, but also greatly reduces the cost of cleaning.Restaurant Table Cloth

               PVC Soft Glass Tablecloth Disadvantages: No matter what products will have two sides, we just talked about the advantages of soft glass tablecloths, about soft glass tablecloths, to understand the shortcomings of soft glass tablecloths is also we understand the ' soft glass tablecloth good ' need to consider the factors. As the soft glass tablecloth is relatively high transparency, so the soft glass tablecloth on the table will inevitably produce some watermarks, but in order to overcome this shortcoming of soft glass tablecloths, you can choose to buy soft glass tablecloths when the sand-type and printed soft glass tablecloth. So when we consider the ' soft glass tablecloth ', we need a lot of consideration.Restaurant Table Cloth