Textile Decoration Used In Modern Life

textile decoration used in modern life

1, restaurant - used in the dining room series products, including tablecloth, napkin, place mat, cup napkin, cup mat, chair cover, cushion of the chair, desk and chair cover, table napkin box, coffee curtain, wine gear, etc.

2, kitchen series products for the kitchen, including aprons, sleeve, chef hat, oven gloves,pot holder, fabric handle sets,ovens cover, machine cover,kitchen curtain, lunch bag, paper bag, hand towel, tea towel, etc.

3, washing room - used in bathroom series products, including health (toilet), health (toilet) cover, cushion cover, tissue box cover, wash towel, face towel, bath towel,bathrobe, shower curtain, bath hanging bags, etc.

4. Decoration and furnishings - wall hanging type with letter insert, shoe insert, door curtain and decoration class wall hang, etc., the flat display type has various craft basket, cloth art picture frame, lampshade, magazine rack, various tubes and so on. 

5. Cushions - seat cushion for the living room and other leisure areas, the forms and design techniques are too numerous to enumerate.

6, wrapper - can be used in the production of all kinds of fancy bags handbags shopping bag and so on ,highlight the personality, decorate a window can also be used to play the whole space of make the finishing point, design techniques are various

7. Furniture - cloth art sofa and other modern furniture comparison flow