The Characteristics And Name Of Fabrics Used In The Custom Apron [1]

The characteristics and name of  fabrics used in the custom apron

Cotton twill: 100% cotton, the fabric is high density fabric, texture clear, introducing organization, clearly duty valley, cloth light ,good  quality , suitable for work apron, work gloves, hold pillow, shopping bag, tablecloth, chair cover, hat, apron, etc.

Polyester twill: 65% cotton, 35% polyester, this fabric feels have qualitative feeling more than the uniform cloth, fabric hang down feeling and the feeling is very strong, abrasion resistance and strength are good, small shrinkage rate, with the product appearance is not easy to go out of form, and affordable, durable performance is good resistance to wear.

Poplin: 65% cotton, 35% polyester, all kinds of poplin fabric are cloth clean level off, the quality of the material is meticulous, grain full, glossy jade-like stone embellish is soft, soft slippery waxy characteristics, as the summer overalls first selected materials, suitable for summer white apron, chef apron, summer nurse apron, summer service apron, hold pillow in the summer, summer table cloth, summer hand bag, chair cover, summer chef hat