The Development Potentiality Of Car Cushion

            China Auto Products Industry has a certain scale, but the main problem of the industry is the well-known brand is not much, product popularity is not high, because of the lack of corresponding national standards, the market on counterfeit and shoddy products rampant; At the same time, the industry specialization is not high, the talent has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry, which directly affect the product innovation

            In recent years, the Chinese government gradually attaches importance to the automotive supplies industry, actively promote the industrialization of automotive supplies, encourage automotive supplies industry, especially technical innovation in automotive electronics industry, the government is also gradually improve the automotive supplies industry related laws and standards, for the development of automotive supplies enterprises to provide an orderly competitive environment. At the same time, automotive supplies enterprises should continue to innovate, the introduction and training of professionals, to seize the automotive industry development opportunities.Car Cushion

            The development potential of China's auto products industry is very large, and it is expected that by 2011, only the market of automotive electronics products will reach nearly 240 billion yuan, with an average growth rate of 26% per annum. Car safety system, beauty maintenance market will also have a greater development.Car Cushion

            The global financial turmoil caused by the US subprime crisis has enveloped its shadow in every corner of the world, and after years of rapid development, China's auto market has inevitably ushered in "early winter" in 2008. In this context, the automotive supplies market or become a breakthrough in the industrial chain.Car Cushion