The Main Points Of Table Cloth

      Do not like PVC tablecloth, feel bad touch. Amoy a piece of thick cloth cut into tablecloths, with PVC insulation pad and cloth mat used. Very emotional and can change style. Do not eat when the insulation pad stack up, eat when the mat plate below, but also to prevent soup dripping to the tablecloth. Cloth meal mat Mainly is beautiful function, also can sit-down put everyone's dish chopsticks. Spare can be put on the table suction water, cushion a fruit or something. It is not easy to be dirty, and the PVC insulated pad is enough for every meal. The average two weeks lost washing machine a times, dinner is not dirty, of course, if you eat is hot pot that is to withdraw. Taobao has a lot of food mat, the top of the insulation pad and cloth mat are bought at Wal-Mart, is also readily available.Table Cloth
     The tablecloth is almost every household to use items, then, next we will show you how to buy tablecloths. 1, the exquisite fabric, the choice of material for tablecloths, wear resistance, washing resistance is an important reference elements, should be as far as possible selection of thin chemical fiber materials, and new      High-tech fabrics. As far as possible not to choose cotton fabrics, it is very easy to absorb food odor and not easy to disperse, not conducive to restaurant sanitation. 2, color collocation, restaurant tablecloth color collocation, should be bright and light tone mainly, the most suitable for use is orange, with the darker furniture color collocation, can be bright and fresh light or blue and white, green and white, red and white tablecloth to foil, bedroom, study table cloth collocation should be as far as possible to choose a soft color and better texture, tonal elegance of the Jacquard cloth for collocation use, in the choice of color is the color of the popular main colors. 3, Table flag collocation, table flag collocation, should be compatible with the desktop material, color selection can be selected relatively bold some, but not abrupt feeling. The choice of table flag remember not to choose the coarse fabric, the pattern vulgar and gorgeous style.Table Cloth
     In addition, you can see whether there are chromatic aberration, flower case clarity, color uniformity; touch with the hand, feel its texture is good, thick is consistent; check whether it has odor, through the smell can determine its formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substance content is too high; you can cut a small sample, wipe the paper with a damp cloth to see if there is a phenomenon of decolorization.Table Cloth