The Material Description Of The Restaurant Table Cloth

    In recent years, as a result of the improvement of domestic living standards, the pursuit of quality of life, cloth tablecloths are more and more used, although the fabric tablecloth in terms of practicality, there are easy to dirty shortcomings, but with the enthusiasm of the new Western people continue to increase, people's dining style is also slowly changing, a suit of personal style cloth tablecloth has become a part of these people's life.Restaurant Table Cloth
    The practicality of the tablecloth is mostly PVC texture, and PVC tablecloth with cotton lining bottom PVC tablecloth quality is the most secure. The bottom layer of the tablecloth makes it soft and easy to fold, which avoids the hard and brittle defects of the traditional PVC tablecloth. Moreover, this kind of tablecloth is not like the traditional plastic tablecloth color is too onefold, the dark sink, the color and the flower type are diverse, easy collocation many kinds of decoration style, is the soft decoration good choice. This tablecloth is resistant to dirt, easy to clean and easy to carry. Long service life, not easy to fade, fade. PVC Tablecloth is very popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries because of the hot weather, these years PVC tablecloth in these countries also began to become popular in our country because of its good quality characteristics also received many families welcome.Restaurant Table Cloth
    Grease and protein, such as stains to be removed with alkaline solution, the method is: in the 5L water to add a 5ml alkali solution, completely dissolved, put into the tablecloth and boil, about 5 minutes, until the oil and protein stains completely disappeared, remove the cleaning. Pigment stains can be used to remove color bleach, after cleaning, the method is: in 5L water to add 50g bleach, soak 5 minutes after the removal of pigment stains, cleaning dry dry.Restaurant Table Cloth
    Exquisite fabrics, the choice of material for tablecloths, wear resistance, washing resistance is an important reference factor, should be as far as possible selection of thin chemical fiber materials, and new High-tech fabrics. As far as possible not to choose cotton fabrics, it is very easy to absorb food odor and not easy to disperse, not conducive to restaurant sanitation. Color collocation: Restaurant tablecloth Color collocation, should be bright and light tone mainly, the most suitable for use is orange, with the darker furniture color collocation, can be bright and fresh light or blue and white, green and white, red and white tablecloth to foil, bedroom, study table cloth collocation should be as far as possible to choose a soft color and better texture, tonal elegance of the Jacquard cloth for collocation use, in the choice of color is the color of the popular main colors. Table Flag collocation: The table flag collocation, should coordinate with the desktop material, the color choice can choose the relatively bold some, but cannot have the abrupt feeling. The choice of table flag remember not to choose the coarse fabric, the pattern vulgar and gorgeous style.Restaurant Table Cloth