The Origin Of Satin Apron

           Satin apron-The origin of the apron: When people are cooking, they like to tie an apron between their waists. The effect of the apron is to prevent soiled clothes. But people are aprons, but from a beautiful fairy tale.Apron

           Once upon a time, there lived an orphan on the edge of Fu, named Zhang Liang. One winter, Zhang Liang in the field to see a small white dog shivering cold straight, put it back carefully feeding. Once, Zhang Liang came back from work in the field, smelling a meal of incense. At the door, a few bowls of food lay on the table. Zhang Liang thought, who cooked this meal? For a few days, the meal is like this. Ask the neighbors, the neighbors said they didn't do it. This day, Zhang Liang came back at lunch time. He caught a glimpse of a beautiful girl in the door. Zhang Liang deliberately coughed. Hearing the voice, the girl quickly ran to the bed, picked up a white dog skin to wear, turned into the little white dog. The girl is the little white dog changed.Apron

           The next day, Zhang Liang came back early, suddenly opened the door, a piece of the dog's skin. The girl without the dog skin, change not to go back, to Zhang Liang plead. Zhang Liang does not want to ask the girl. Originally, this girl is a white dog son essence, see Zhang Liang Kind and honest, the days have been quite bitter, to help him fire. Zhang Liang said: "How good a man, why to change the dog?" If you don't think of me, give me a daughter-in-law! The girl smiled and said: "You can, but you have to give me the leather." "Zhang Liang worried that she ran, resolutely not to give her the leather." The girl said: "I wear thin, no leather, not cold?" Zhang Liang thought is also, cut a piece of leather, to the girl around the waist, the rest of the leather thrown into the stove burned. Since then, Zhang Liang in the outside farmland, the girl in the house to cook, live a sweet honey. We all envy them, also learn them both, women fire cooking, the chest always need to tie a white apron. Slowly became a custom.Apron