Wedding Tablecloths With Different Seasons

     In addition to the table table to consider and the color of the chair, decoration style coordination, but also consider the oil, dirt, durable, look clean, good scrub, the color is appropriate light-colored, fresh and warm feeling. Such as beige, light green, yellow-green lattice, white safflower and so on. Do not use black to give a heavy feeling. The same piece of tablecloth, used in different homes will have different effects, vary.Wedding Table Cloth

     When the wedding starts, your wedding table decoration is the focus of people's eyes, so it is necessary to make the table become gorgeous, put some tableware on the table, flowers and shop for the season Beautiful tablecloth will give your wedding a lot of elegance. Spring wedding table. Spring is the season of recovery, so you should also pay attention to the choice of lively theme when arranging wedding tables. Victoria-style light-colored tablecloth is a good choice, exquisite and elegant cups and plates utensils are delivered out of the classical atmosphere, you can put your wedding dress with classical and gorgeous frame framed after the table placed on the table. And in the center of the table forget to put roses this cliche thing, you can put some spring flowers from the garden picking, these flowers can give your room to bring the breath of spring. Summer wedding table Wedding Table Cloth

     In the hot summer months in order to make people enjoy the cool feeling, your wedding table to be placed simple and clean, you can use linen to decorate your wedding table, there is no need to choose the kind of grotesque fancy glass, pink Martini glass can make your cocktail attractive. Orange can be the main color of the wedding tablecloth, in the transparent glass vase inserted in the purple and orange orchids, will be filled with a strong tropical style, the guests can also go home when some orchids away. Autumn is the harvest season, so you can insert a variety of autumn flowers and plant leaves in the vase of the table. In the tablecloth, you can choose burlap, and decorated with autumn berries napkins, the main colors of the fall table can be red, orange or yellow. Dali bouquets, berries and even small pines can decorate your wedding table, other seasons such as roses can be the same choice, remember to be arranged in the autumn wedding table rich and colorful is very suitable for this season. Put a few candle holders with candles and some Chinese porcelain, your winter table will become more warm. When choosing a tablecloth, it is best to pick a color similar to a gemstone red. 

    Do not forget to put your chair on the dinette. In addition, in the table candlestick around the flowers have to put some flowers, this arrangement will make your winter table is particularly warm.Wedding Table Cloth