Winter Plush Car Cushion How To Care And Clean

              Many friends in winter to their car to buy a beautiful plush car cushion, the car decorated warm beautiful. Winter plush car cushion comfortable, warm, but also very easy to dirty, using a period of time, plush car cushion easy to dust, at the same time out of a different degree of hair curl, so plush car cushion also need careful care, can glow. Here are a few of the very simple ways of cleaning the plush car cushion in daily life.Car Cushion

              1, combing with comb: hair car cushion nature and animal hair is similar, use a period of time, Mao will appear pressure trapped phenomenon, then you can use comb gently comb the fur can, of course, more suitable for long-haired winter car cushion, pay attention not too hard.

              2, blow the comb with the hair dryer: with hair dryer to blow plush car cushion is very innovative, the power of the house, the dust on the hair will be removed, so that it can restore its original natural form, keep soft, comfortable, but also maintain the color of the gorgeous and the integrity of the pattern.Car Cushion

              3, small vacuum cleaner suction: Car owners are always novel, in order to remove the dust on the plush car cushion, even the household vacuum cleaners are used, this also does not lose a good way, but note that must use a small vacuum cleaner, and to control the power vacuum suction.

              4, gently beat the dust: flapping plush car cushion, for cleaning the surface of the cushion is very effective, if the weather is clear, you can take out the car cushion, small wooden sticks gently tapping the surface of the fur to maintain clean and hygienic.Car Cushion