Kitchen Dish Cloth Grey Linen Hand towels

Kitchen Dish Cloth Grey Linen Hand towels
Product Details

Kitchen Dish Cloth Grey Linen Hand towels

Hand towel description

Item:Linen hand towel


Materil:190gsm cotton linen


Design:Printing linen hand towel

Linen towel's feature

Many of our client like linen hand towel,because that linen is great fabric which are really soft,natural,and good hydroscopicity. our line towel has many different linen to match your personal idea. We provide exceptional design, product development, manufacturing, competitive pricing, fulfilment, logistics and top notch customer service for our customers.

Baywon company

Baywon has a professioanl design team that works with our clients to develop exciting textile products that meet your client’s needs. Whether there is a set design for textile that is submitted and we produce it, or just an idea of the textile items and our designers help execute it. Sometimes there is just a budget and a description of the client and the promotion and we take it from there. Whatever the scenario is, we make it happen in our textile items.